the lion is back!

Today the 27th Edition of the Cinekid Festival has started! The premiére of this festival is the Swedish youth movie Eskil & Trinidad. Until the 25th of oktober 74 films will be exhibited, along with 26 television premieres, 21 documentaries, 12 dramaseries and 5 infotainment programs. The festival takes place on the great athmospheric grounds… Continue reading the lion is back!


As ‘Fotograaf des Vaderlands’ Ilvy Njikiktjien is for one year the face of Fotoweek and acts as the Ambassador of the Dutch photography. ‘Kijk! Mijn Familie’ is the theme of Fotoweek; for ten days an ode to photography. Especially for Fotoweek 2013 Ilvy makes a photo series about birthday parties. She visits 100 birthdays. Special and… Continue reading birthday


‘On a wednesday’ is an attempt to collect stories. Stories give a sneak peak into someone’s life. Just by asking ‘what are you doing’ on a Wednesday. It’s such a charming simple idea. The project is created by Dave Dawson and Bekka Palmer. Striking. via swiss-miss


I’m so anxious about how this project will end; ‘40 days of dating’ by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman. As an experiment the two good friends, with opposite relationship problems, dated for 40 days. “It’s been said that it takes 40 days to change a bad habit. In an attempt to explore and hopefully overcome… Continue reading opposite

dream big

Besides love and chocolat a nice piece of interior eye candy doesn’t harm at all, especially when spring is not here yet. Design and image by Christien Meindertsma

no doubt

An oh so true touch in these words to end this week. Looking forward to a great weekend, hope you do to. Have fun out there! The words are by Charles M. Schulz, creator of Peanuts. Staying in and ready for more Charlie Brown, then you might like this read.

a place in the sun

As part of Hong Kong’s ‘Bienniale of Urbanism and Architecture’ the French-Portuguese architect Didier Fiuza Faustino designed this wonderful swing set ‘Double Happiness’. This ‘real-life-acting’ billboard feels like a nice break-free-addition to escape for some playtime. Must be fun to use. via flavorwire

dance under the sun

Not much to add to this adorable gem ‘growing up’ by ‘run river north‘, formerly known as ‘monsters calling home‘. It just has it all to me, totally on repeat this song. Thnx Leo Blokhuis for pointing this one out.

soft whispers

In this contemplative end-of-year mood these serene, soft pictures of the ‘Full Moon Story’ by Kim Kyoungsoo is the spot-on visualisation. Asked by Vogue Korea he realized a series of portraits that re-actualizes the traditional Korean ‘Hanbok’. Which many Korean people are wearing during the National traditional festivities ‘Chuseok’. With these asthonising pictures with their poetic… Continue reading soft whispers

hitting gold

Striking picture from the downtownfrombehind series. DFB is a photographic series capturing subjects riding their bike from behind on some 200+ streets, avenues and lanes below 14th street in New York City. The series gives the feel and vibe of this part of the city, an environmental portrait. via BLDGWLF

passer le temps

A rainbow, lovers and dreamers on today’s triple twelve date. Perfect little gem this quote by Kermit the Frog. Just adding that bit of fun you need for a perfect day.

beat the air

Must be so funny walking, jumping or is it climbing in this interactive installation ‘on space time foam’ by Tomás Saraceno at the Hangar Bicocca in Milan. The installation invites visitors to take a leap of faith onto a series of transparent membranes up in the air at 24 meters height. Because of gravity, weight… Continue reading beat the air

jump in puddles

Always making me ‘jump in puddles’ kind of happy; the Kinfolk magazine. Love their natural approach towards entertaining: simple, uncomplicated and less conceived. As stated in their manifesto: Kinfolk is a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings. Kinfolk is the marriage of appreciation for art and design and love for spending time with… Continue reading jump in puddles

it’s windy outside…

So time to read a book and chill down a bit. Isn’t this image a kind of capturing the ‘becoming what you read’ concept. Picture by Claude of Tempsfiles