Wow, what a suprise that was. The‘Vlisco Unfolded’ exibition at the Dutch Design Week 2013. Since this was finally the first time I really attendended the DDW, I did decide to join the DDWbloggerstour. So glad that Ulrike sent her invitation! Besides the fact it was organised so really well by Ulrike Jurklies, Willemijn de… Continue reading showstopper


Perfect timing of these go-ginger-go-girls. That modern-vintage, clean touch of Emilie Vercruysse photography is just hitting all the right buttons for me. What a plus to capture a summerglow together with a crisp winter hominess. Picture by courtesy of Emilie Vercruysse.

it’s windy outside…

So time to read a book and chill down a bit. Isn’t this image a kind of capturing the ‘becoming what you read’ concept. Picture by Claude of Tempsfiles

colour stories

‘pigeon-boy’ picture by Karin Nussbaumer ‘driving-through-minnesota’ picture on postcard by Karin Nussbaumer ‘slowly-moving-in’ picture by IJm The next September-event is the ‘Woonbeurs‘. Before visiting the show I felt lucky being an attendee at the bloggersmeetup. Later on, it was a surreal surprise to see the booth of IJm. Their work has been somehow mystical to me for quite a while… Continue reading colour stories

nothing lasts

Always trying to postphone the moment, but it feels like summer is really over now. The wind and the leaves will come soon. But if it’s stunning like this picture by Thomas Jackson it sure helps. In his photography, Thomas Jackson tries to stick to the concept of ‘real time image’. This picture is made with… Continue reading nothing lasts

forget him

Witty quotes on this Comedy Carpet in Blackpool, designed by Gordon Young. Watch the making-off over here. Real impressive and massive typography project with 160.000 granite letters at 2.200 square metres. Pictures by Angela Catlin

I spy …

… with my little eye. A bit of happy-making yellow on a gray summer’s day. Picture from the Mimicry series by Maurits Giessen and Ilse Leenders. It is meant to show the uniformity of human beings. Just like animals that adapt to their environment. via Frankie


Like thin air, these breathtaking pictures of Thirza Schaap for ‘papiermache‘- and ‘milk‘ magazine. Love the seemingly easyness in her photography, in particular her work with children. Besides that she is a truly fun person to work with.


Clear message. The ‘operates without warning’ line of this sign makes me smile. Raw and beautiful typography. Picture by Antoin

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blind date

Inspiring postcard by Marije Tolman on my table. Marije makes great books like the much rewarded book ‘De Boomhut’ [The Treehouse]. A sweat story with impressive drawings she made with her father.

norwegian wood

Breathtaking view at this lookout point in Aurland, Norway. This wooden lookout point is created by Saunders Architecture. Wonder if it will be windy up there and how big will be the moon at night. Wishlisted to see one day. via Its nice that

picture perfect

Some more grace today. That is for the looks of the amazing tv-show Mad Men. A very soothing and synoptic looking life of love, work and play. Beautiful detailed art-direction, great cast and an intriguing storyline. What more could a girl want. Oh, beautiful colours! It has it all. via Amctv