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Intruiging photo’s by Chino Otsuka. A Tokyo born photographer, living in Britain since she was 10. In her work she deals with a repeating theme; “What makes a place a home and where does a sense of belonging comes from?”. In a lot of her projects she uses self-portraits to explore the themes of belonging, identity and memory.

These pictures are a great example of this theme she is working on. By placing herself back in a picture that was taken when she was a child. I wonder how she felt when she was back at the place where these pictures were taken. Was there some disappointment or will ‘the journey back’ make the memory stronger. Clever way of using memory as a narritive element to tell her story.

I have a chance to meet,
there is so much I want to ask
and so much I want to tell”

Imagine Finding Me / Chino Otsuka

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Whoo, time flies. More than forty days have passed since the previous post. This to-do-list symbolizes the quite busy summer I’ve had. Busy, but fun and with some ‘hopscotching’ time too.
Image via Froot

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I’m so anxious about how this project will end; ‘40 days of dating
by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman. As an experiment the two good friends, with opposite relationship problems, dated for 40 days.

“It’s been said that it takes 40 days to change a bad habit.
In an attempt to explore and hopefully overcome their fears and inadequacies, Tim and Jessica will go through the motions of a relationship for the next 40 days: the commitment, time, companionship, joys and frustrations. Can they help each other, or will they fall
into their same habits? Will they damage their friendship? What if
they fall in love?”

They have set up a set of six rules in order to focus on each other and on the project.
1 _ they will see each other every day for forty days
2 _ they will go on at least 3 dates a week
3 _ they will see a couples therapist once a week
4 _ they will go on a weekend trip together
5 _ they will fill out the daily questionaire and document everything
6 _ they will not see, dat, hookup, or have sex with anyone else

And of course the typographic illustrations they’ve made are fun,
but what else is there to expect of two great designers.
Be sure to follow it. Just . love . it.

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back to basics

A little fun project on show today. I’ve gladly participated in a print-workshop ‘so you think you can print’ initiated by nieuweklasse*. It was a bit of trip down memorylane but it sure was a nice inter-
ruption of all the web-oriëntated work of today’s life. It’s always kind of great to work with the real colourstuff. And last but not least it was an excellent opportunity to give ‘life’ to my first hero.
Can’t wait to get more heroes out there.

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letting go

The ‘goedzak’ is an eye-catching, transparent zip lock waste bag for items that are still useable. The bag goes on the street and can be retrieved, so usable items are given a chance to a second life. The ‘goedzak’ is a straightforward introduction to sustainability. The bag is designed by Waarmakers, an agency creating designs that bring about a positive social impact, designs that materialise an ideology and trigger specific human behaviour. ‘We like stuff, but we like people better.’

The word goedzak means ‘softhearted person’, and combines the Dutch words for “good” and “bag”. Just my alley this simple, sustainable design with that sweet touch in the products name.
via Dezeen

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a place in the sun

As part of Hong Kong’s ‘Bienniale of Urbanism and Architecture’ the French-Portuguese architect Didier Fiuza Faustino designed this wonderful swing set ‘Double Happiness’. This ‘real-life-acting’ billboard feels like a nice break-free-addition to escape for some playtime. Must be fun to use.
via flavorwire

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a matter of time

And wow, does time fly. This Expedia campaign cleverly visualizes my share amount of travelling these last days, ahum… weeks. I had quite
a few very inspiring trips and could do for a holiday and a tan ;-)
The stamps in the corner adding an extra bit of content to the airport IATA codes are my kind of witty. Must have been serious fun searching over 9000 three letter codes from all airports around the world.
Campaign designed by Ogilvy & Mather, via Plentyofcolour

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Fun! This series of urban and rural landscape pictures with ‘Momo’ hiding somewhere in the frame. Andrew Knapp – an Ontario based graphic designer – came up with this idea when he discovered his dog would hide when fetching sticks, instead of returning them. Follow Momo’s hide and seek on GoFindMomo; ‘the playful adventures of a hiding border collie’ And that typosign ‘frigidaire’ in the first picture is such a beauty.
via Colossal

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Striking, intriguing beauty; this first film production ‘lina’ by Thirza Schaap. Just astounded by her mind’s eye and her soft, quirky touch in both styling and images.

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windows wide open…

… and let the new year in. Let 2013 be filled with a lot of surprises alike this captured moment by Richard Peters. Putting your windows wide open is a old superstitious ritual to let happiness in.

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soft whispers

In this contemplative end-of-year mood these serene, soft pictures of the ‘Full Moon Story’ by Kim Kyoungsoo is the spot-on visualisation. Asked by Vogue Korea he realized a series of portraits that
re-actualizes the traditional Korean ‘Hanbok’. Which many Korean people are wearing during the National traditional festivities ‘Chuseok’. With these asthonising pictures with their poetic almost surreal touch to it i’m taking a breath for a few days longer. And then on to 2013, which is almost crawling in like those kittens; young, freah and playful. Can’t wait.
via the Design Ark

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lighten up

Just astonishing these gif’s by rrrrrrrrr_gif; a group of gif-makers from Japan. They make and share a new gif every week and are creating
a beautiful surreal collection. A hypnotizing pelican light, that’s just what a girl needs in these short, dark ‘end-of-year’ days.
via Thefoxisblack

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beat the air

Must be so funny walking, jumping or is it climbing in this interactive installation ‘on space time foam’ by Tomás Saraceno at the Hangar Bicocca in Milan. The installation invites visitors to take a leap of faith onto a series of transparent membranes up in the air at 24 meters height. Because of gravity, weight and movement the membrames becomes
a space-time surface. Although based on the quite complicated quantum physics and string theory this installation is a great treat for the eye and must be a fun experience.
Pictures by Alessandro Coco via Gessato

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small blessing

Just delicate this handkerchief from the ‘unfamiliar handkerchief’ series designed by Frieda Mellema of LAB 71. Her designs are more original creations, no slick design rather objects of art. She truly succeeds in creating the dreamy naive world that inspires and makes
you happy. It certainly does that to me. Bless you!

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back to it

Seriously witty quote by Marc Johns.
Check out his ‘serious drawings’ here.