guts and glory

Yet another pure drawing. It was made by my son for a friends birthday. She’s a true ‘hearts’ lover person and he was totally into dragons. Kind of clever solution isn’t it, this LoveDragon. Love the bold pure drawing but even more the brave ‘just do it’ attitude.

cold feet

This impressive picture by Chris Burkard illustrates perfectly today’s just a little bit too blank canvas. I am about to start a few great new projects and have to take a deep breath and get on with it. via The Telepraph

london calling

Mowing Olympic Rings at Richmond Park for the -about to start- Olympics 2012 in London. via the Guardian Hoping that this quote will NOT come true for the athletes. Looking forward to miracles that will happen after all the labour, sweat and sacrifices that have been put in. Let’s get started! via Lyla and Blue

hit the road

A car like this and a great summer evening, just perfect to go where ever and forever. Picture by Janis Nicolay via Poppytalk Leaving the city heat. Photorealistic out-of-focus oil paintings by Philip Barlow. Great capture of the intense glow of a vibrant sun chasing the pavement in a busy city. via My Modern Met

vive le vélo

It always feels that the summer really starts when the ‘Tour de France’ hits the road. Three weeks filled with emotions, heroism and the ongoing beauty of France. Just love it. Just like this stylish bike ‘Strike‘. The bike is a reclaimed Benotto bike from the eighties. Stripped down, repainted and rebuild with new parts… Continue reading vive le vélo


Getting in the mood for the upcoming ‘Tour de France’ with this double exposed picture of Paris by Raquel Mismornings. via Visualize us


Dancing, floating umbrella lights. Fun, lovely fairytale decoration. Perfect for a soft summer night. Picture by mscambridge Thanks to Kirsten Jassies for the link.

go big or go home

Don’t know if this quote by workisnotajob suits my surfing ambitions. Impressive surfing photography though by Christopher Wilson. Will stick to the ‘go big or go home’ mentality, like that one. via Gessatoblog


On my reading pile these really great stories about cycling by the amazing Wilfried de Jong, who also makes kick-ass tv. Beautiful cover picture by Stephan Vanfleteren and it could not have had a better title. It’s a Dutch expressing meaning ‘against the grain’ and feeling the wind on your head is the nicest thing… Continue reading wind

sunny side up

‘De zee, de zee. Er gaat zoveel water in de zee’ (The sea, the sea. There’s so much water in the sea). Always on my mind this sentence from Paul van Ostaijen when wandering along the beach. One of these cabins is wishlisted. Must be great to wake up at the seashore. The sounds, the… Continue reading sunny side up

picture perfect

Some more grace today. That is for the looks of the amazing tv-show Mad Men. A very soothing and synoptic looking life of love, work and play. Beautiful detailed art-direction, great cast and an intriguing storyline. What more could a girl want. Oh, beautiful colours! It has it all. via Amctv


Laying in the summer grass, daydreaming away. Great photograph by Leslie Miles. Perfect visualisation of memories with endless summers. Very beautiful colour scheme. via Sjoe Sjoe

just you – and the world

At this first -feeling like a butterfly- wanderday these images couldn’t be missed. Really like the vintage inspired travel prints by pilot & captain. One of these destinations is wishlisted. A perfect fit for this wanderday is this image by Victor Mathiuex. It’s a postcard from this great Wander Postcard Project. via Swissmiss