go big or go home

Don’t know if this quote by workisnotajob suits my surfing ambitions. Impressive surfing photography though by Christopher Wilson. Will stick to the ‘go big or go home’ mentality, like that one. via Gessatoblog

don’t let the bedbugs bite

Aren’t they looking great, these ‘Outsiders’ plush toys? Old plush animals have been collected, opened, turned inside out, sewn back together and have been given a second life. Designed by Atelier Volvox and rewarded with the German Recycling Design Preis 2012. Sweet dreams. via GessatoBlog


[translation] Plant a tree, that’s enough. Hang it with all your good memories as lights for when you are scared in the dark. Sentence from the book ‘Ga niet naar zee’ by Tommy Wieringa.

norwegian wood

Breathtaking view at this lookout point in Aurland, Norway. This wooden lookout point is created by Saunders Architecture. Wonder if it will be windy up there and how big will be the moon at night. Wishlisted to see one day. via Its nice that


On my reading pile these really great stories about cycling by the amazing Wilfried de Jong, who also makes kick-ass tv. Beautiful cover picture by Stephan Vanfleteren and it could not have had a better title. It’s a Dutch expressing meaning ‘against the grain’ and feeling the wind on your head is the nicest thing… Continue reading wind

sunny side up

‘De zee, de zee. Er gaat zoveel water in de zee’ (The sea, the sea. There’s so much water in the sea). Always on my mind this sentence from Paul van Ostaijen when wandering along the beach. One of these cabins is wishlisted. Must be great to wake up at the seashore. The sounds, the… Continue reading sunny side up

salt water

Qoute by Isak Dinesen. It might help Don Draper. via Poppytalk

picture perfect

Some more grace today. That is for the looks of the amazing tv-show Mad Men. A very soothing and synoptic looking life of love, work and play. Beautiful detailed art-direction, great cast and an intriguing storyline. What more could a girl want. Oh, beautiful colours! It has it all. via Amctv


Impressive mirrored trampoline short film by Steve Harries for Nowness. The gymnasts jump up to 7.5 metres in the air and are shot against six mirrors. Beautiful caption of the grace and powers of gymnasts. via Its nice that

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Laying in the summer grass, daydreaming away. Great photograph by Leslie Miles. Perfect visualisation of memories with endless summers. Very beautiful colour scheme. via Sjoe Sjoe

sure thing

Nice wrapping and quote for a heirloom seed kit. The kit is designed by Sarah Rainwater design and includes vegetable and herb seeds, paper pots  and a poster with growing instruction, a calender and a recipe. Very easy for the novice gardener. Don’t have green fingers myself, so this kit might work. But it is… Continue reading sure thing

come fly with me

Amazing floating and dancing dresses made by Rodarte. The dresses were made for the academy award winning film ‘Black Swan’. Featured in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Rodarte was founded in Los Angeles by Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Love the colour schemes of their designs.

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summer party

Truly love this great picture with these beautiful animals. Kept it in my memorybox for quite a while and it is still a great inspiring image. Unfortunally I don’t know who made this picture or where I found it. If it’s yours; please let me know so I can add the credits.

just you – and the world

At this first -feeling like a butterfly- wanderday these images couldn’t be missed. Really like the vintage inspired travel prints by pilot & captain. One of these destinations is wishlisted. A perfect fit for this wanderday is this image by Victor Mathiuex. It’s a postcard from this great Wander Postcard Project. via Swissmiss

op reis

[translation] Lets go travel together, travel you and me, me and you, your hand in my hand, our toes at a nice row, feet abreast, Are you coming? One step and we are on our way Or are you not allowed so far from home? Well, then we ask the journey to come to us.… Continue reading op reis

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