Whoo, time flies. More than forty days have passed since the previous post. This to-do-list symbolizes the quite busy summer I’ve had. Busy, but fun and with some ‘hopscotching’ time too. Image via Froot


I’m so anxious about how this project will end; ‘40 days of dating’ by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman. As an experiment the two good friends, with opposite relationship problems, dated for 40 days. “It’s been said that it takes 40 days to change a bad habit. In an attempt to explore and hopefully overcome… Continue reading opposite


‘True identity is something known in one heart and recognized within another’ Struck by the work of Donna Verheijden at the Masterclass Exhibition of the Sandberg Institute, which had its opening last friday in Amsterdam. Her distinguished style with words, music and images makes an impressive view on today’s world.


Totally up my alley is the work of Verena Michels, shown at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Graduation Show. Just fell head over heals for her use of colour, the beautiful little book added to the garments and the feel of her sweater. The total concept behind this project is making it top-notch; experiment and research the… Continue reading mix


Every house is like a tree rooted in a global network of underground network of pipes and cables. All we communicate through those roots is converted into a language that is the same all over the world: ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). This computer language was the first form of communication between man… Continue reading connected


White crisp silhouette of weeds make intruiging patterns at the ‘Blueware Tiles’. The dried and pressed weeds are composed between plates of glass. The plates and tiles are then exposed under ultra violet light, which develops a photogram of the weeds in an intense Prussian blue. Great project by Glithero; two dutch designers working from London.… Continue reading transfer

a dialogue

‘Why design’ is a video series by Herman Miller design that shows the world through the eyes of their designers and shares why they value their point of view. “At Herman Miller design is the language we use to ask questions and seek answers to the problems our customers face. The design process is a… Continue reading a dialogue

all in one

Besides the ongoing intruiging gif-magic this alphabet installation by Koen Taselaar is such a clever beauty of striking simplicity. Via visualpoetry, which gladly was introduced to me by my dear friends putgootink.


…O. Since I’ve started out this new blogpath of our design- and illustration studio this has become a place where I want to be more and do a lot more. So it’s a bit of a contradiction that i’ve been here so awfully less lately. Behind the scenes I’m busy making changes to this place,… Continue reading o…

back to basics

A little fun project on show today. I’ve gladly participated in a print-workshop ‘so you think you can print’ initiated by nieuweklasse*. It was a bit of trip down memorylane but it sure was a nice inter- ruption of all the web-oriëntated work of today’s life. It’s always kind of great to work with the… Continue reading back to basics

little things

[Translation] Beautiful, old, wooden grandstands are entered through a little narrow staircase. The trees rage right beside you. You look upward. If they are smart they choose downwind, after the toss. by Nico Dijkshoorn from ‘Kleine Dingen’ (Little Things)

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to the wonder

Just a beauty this movie poster design. A very subtle fold, fading typography and gloomy colours. This graphic design has it all that I might watch this one. Might not be a suitable film for a fun night though.

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‘Neither Here Nor There’, is another intruiging title behind yet again another striking product. This monograph by Oliver Jeffers shows his impressive fine art which is a different side to his well-known charming children’s illustrations and the best children’s picturebooks around. ‘Neither Here Nor There’ shows his interests and concerns in a direct way. As stated over… Continue reading straying


As I’m always into the story behind a striking product, this one sure fits right in. And this intruinging title ‘absence of presence’ really helps. Various printing techniques in a white colour were printed onto the first silkscreened layer in black, and leading to a striking result of 17 different layers with different structures and surfaces.… Continue reading reverse

dream big

Besides love and chocolat a nice piece of interior eye candy doesn’t harm at all, especially when spring is not here yet. Design and image by Christien Meindertsma