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get lost

Just some true words. Get lost, a little. Even if it is just for the weekend.
Picture via VosgesParis

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Another inspiring designer story from the Herman Miller series ‘Why design‘. Nothing to add to the words of Don Chadwick ‘It’s our function as designers to see things other people don’t see’. So true.

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Some wise words fitting today. A whole lot of exciting oppurtunities did land on my doorstep lately. However it’s quite overwhelming too and I really need start to eliminate. Decisions, decisions, decision time it is. Although a little hard to kill some darlings or put them on hold for a while it also feels like a spring cleaning.
Image via April&May

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big deal

Found these true words by Dr. Seuss over at the twitter profile description of detailfreak. Love stumbling upon those beautiful, inspiring, witty descriptions that are around within the 140
characters limitation.

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back to it

Seriously witty quote by Marc Johns.
Check out his ‘serious drawings’ here.


slay dragons

More grown-ups are scared
during daytime than
children are during the night

By van Kooten en de Bie

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The summer was good, the summer was great but now back to work.
A busy, busy month ahead so this quote is a good lead. Besides that
I have a real soft spot for neon typography and this nice one is made by Adam R. Garcia.
via 70percentpure

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it’s just like

True note by Roald Dahl.

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You miss more
than you experience
Not bad at all

By Martin Bril.

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when in Rome …

… do as the Romans do. This door at the Kemistry Gallery in London is the entrance to the exhibition ‘How to say the most with the least’. Always a challenge for everyone in visual communications. The show is based on a workshop by Mesa & Cadeira and Anthony Burrill. I like this new short phrase as an equivalent of the familiar ‘Rome’ quote.
via CreativeReview

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go big or go home

Don’t know if this quote by workisnotajob suits my surfing ambitions. Impressive surfing photography though by Christopher Wilson. Will stick to the ‘go big or go home’ mentality, like that one.
via Gessatoblog

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Plant a tree, that’s enough.
Hang it with all your good memories as lights for when you are scared in the dark.

Sentence from the book ’Ga niet naar zee’ by Tommy Wieringa.

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salt water

Qoute by Isak Dinesen. It might help Don Draper.
via Poppytalk

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