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when time stops the image…

Fotostudio De Jong is a documentary tv-program about photography. The show is presented by Wilfried de Jong, who is in this series constantly on the lookout for stories behind a photo and he gives his reflections on the images he finds. This show, which has a magazine-like format, is presented from his little photo gallery in Rotterdam. This program is such a great addition and reflection on todays society. A society which is more and more constantly captured in images and where photography has become accessible for everyone.

“Instagram makes the world a smaller place” _ The Instagramman / Eelco Roos / Croyable

Martijn van de Griendt

Anjès Geesink; ‘Vogels huilen niet’ / ‘Birds don’t cry

Just love everything about it. First, and for most, the attention for all kinds of photography: ranging from interviews with photographers about one strong picture, pure professional technical photography, young photographers at the beginning of their career, news photos, poetry, art and archives. The styling of the studio and the graphics are spot on. There will be 8 more episodes to watch. VPRO / Saturday, Nederland 2, 21.15 – 22.00 p.m.

“A good photo stops time and lets fantasy in”
_ Wilfried de Jong
Instagram picture of Wilfried by Stephan Vanfleteren

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back to basics

A little fun project on show today. I’ve gladly participated in a print-workshop ‘so you think you can print’ initiated by nieuweklasse*. It was a bit of trip down memorylane but it sure was a nice inter-
ruption of all the web-oriëntated work of today’s life. It’s always kind of great to work with the real colourstuff. And last but not least it was an excellent opportunity to give ‘life’ to my first hero.
Can’t wait to get more heroes out there.

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‘Neither Here Nor There’, is another intruiging title behind yet
again another striking product. This monograph by Oliver Jeffers
shows his impressive fine art which is a different side to his
well-known charming children’s illustrations and the best children’s picturebooks around.
‘Neither Here Nor There’ shows his interests and concerns in a direct way. As stated over at It’s Nice That; ”I’m intrigued by the world around me and feel compelled to both capture it and ask questions of it through my work. Sometimes this is in the form of questions, sometimes in the form of stories. Sometimes my picture books are stories, and my paintings are questions. Sometimes it’s the other way around.”
Want to know more; read the whole interview here and watch his fun author film over here. Whoo – do I admire this guy, and isn’t this book wishlisted (published by the Gestalten)
Images by Oliver Jeffers

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stepping out

‘I think I need to find a bigger place
Because when you have more than you think
You need more space’ by Eddie Vedder

Re-discovered the magical soundtrack of ‘into the wild’, the time and time again moving story of Chris McCandles. He wanted to live a simple and pure life and was able to keep his dreams, his hopes and his wisdom along his journey. The story is beautifully translated into music by Eddie Vedder.
Images via Imdb

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More than beautiful words in this ‘Public speaking’ poem by the ever charming, hearthwarming Lori Spee.

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from the sky down

The expression of the deer is so spot on. A beautiful, very funny illustration by Martijn van der Linden from the book ‘Voor jou, voor wie anders? [for you, for who else?] by Edward van de Vendel. I’m so impressed by his detailed drawings but even more with his sketches.

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You miss more
than you experience
Not bad at all

By Martin Bril.

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I leave one time. Then I remain.
I leave maybe twice.
But then I will stay…

If I am left I will remain once
and hesitate
maybe twice… I don’t know.

I’m right, I will think.
I take the shortest way, the most beautiful road,
and also the fastest way,
the road along abysses and elegant ruins,
the road along poppies, along screaming seagulls

the way home.

Poem by Toon Tellegen from ‘Daar zijn woorden voor’ [There are words for]

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Who is coming
for a bicycleride in the sea
tell mum
that we will be later
that we will be under water this afternoon

Hey there’s a very peculiar pike
in a weekdays trouser
it must be quite a real one
something so beautiful can’t be devised

Who is coming
for a bicycleride in the sea
tell mum
that we will be later
that we will be under water this afternoon

from ‘Onder water zijn’ [be under water] by the always amazing Herman van Veen. Have a fun and fanciful day.

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On my reading pile these really great stories about cycling
by the amazing Wilfried de Jong, who also makes kick-ass tv. Beautiful cover picture by Stephan Vanfleteren and it could not have had a better title. It’s a Dutch expressing meaning ‘against the grain’ and feeling the wind on your head is the nicest thing about riding a bike. At least that is for me.

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op reis

Lets go travel together,
travel you and me,
me and you,
your hand in my hand,
our toes at a nice row,
feet abreast,
Are you coming?
One step and we are on our way

Or are you
not allowed so far from home?
Well, then we ask
the journey to come to us.
Hand in hand,
we go to every land
even to the sun
- we travel in our dreams

from ‘Op reis’ by Sjoerd Kuyper

Finally I have put on my bold shoes. So here’s the first
post on this new and exiting journey along my heroes – with their inspiration and wisdom; found footage – from the web and my memory box; some musings and a lot of joie de vivre. Thought this poem suits my first step really well.

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